We have all heard of the phrase; REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. But how many of us end up performing these activities and contributing to a more sustainable environment?

It is less likely that one goes out fetching the environmentally friendly products from the market. But did you know that such sustainable principles could be applied to almost every household item?

Lets look at some of the items that can be used for repurposing everyday.

  1. BUTTER WRAPPERS: You can use butter wrappers in Ziploc bags and use them to cater to your baking needs without using any cooking spray.
  2. RAZORS: Did you know that approximately 2 billion razors are disposed of every year? That is a lot of waste and hence, you can do your part by increasing the life of your razors. Once you have used it, you can rinse it and dry it up with your hair dryer. You can even use it to shave off the pills from your winter clothing.
  3. TISSUE BOXES: There are a plethora of options available to use tissue boxes once they have been emptied out. From numerous craft options to useful storage containers, there are many ways one can repurpose those tissues boxes lying around at home.
  4. SHOWER CURTAINS: The shower curtain can be used in the best ways possible such as coverings for picnic tables or drop cloths for painting. You can even place it on your windshield overnight during colder temperatures and protect your windshield from getting scuffed off.
  5. T-SHIRTS: T-shirts have more purposes than you can even imagine. Cut the sleeves off and make them into shopping bags or reuse them as cleaning wipes.
  6. NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES: So many ways of repurposing paper that you have collected in your life. DIY envelopes, gift wrappers, grocery bags and even compostable seed pots, there are innumerous ways of using this particular product in your home.
  7. TOOTHBRUSHES: Have those stubborn stains at home that are hard to remove? Old toothbrushes are a great tool for getting rid of dust and dirt from hard to clean items such as utensils, electronics etc.
  8. LAUNDRY WASTE: These make for great compostable seed pots or bags or for scuffing up your pet’s hair. Don’t sweat and just make sure to make the adequate use of such products!

Always try to stretch the life of things and make sure they can be used in a multi-functional way in your homes. This will not only help you save on some money but will also help create an environment that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Each step counts and whatever little you do, will make a difference! Everybody in this world is capable of making a difference to our planet and our homes.

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