Climate change and plastic go together. But the disposal of plastics bags and bottles are nothing but devastating news for the environment and create excessive strain on the environment and its species.

All the waste from these plastic products is rapidly filling up with landfill and staggering amounts of waste is being accumulated in our environment.

Our bit is to make the change by using green alternatives and using recycled items, which will help restore our surroundings and our planet. But, there are a few products that should never be disposed off in your garbage bins.

The danger of the plastic bag

Plastics made for the purpose of single use are a daily part of our lives and is used by people all around the world. From supermarkets to running your daily errands, everything today comes in the plastic packaging.

Did you know that plastic has absolutely no redeeming qualities? Disposing off plastic into the environment is more hazardous compared to storing it and eventually results in choking our planet. Something as small as plastic bags can end up ruining more than one can even imagine. They might never end up decomposing and will be around to damage the planet and the animals for a very long time. But now there are much more healthier and cleaner alternatives available today called ‘green alternatives’, which help in preserving our planet. Jute bags, compostable bags and biodegradable products are just few of the examples that can be used instead of threatening plastic.

However, plastic as a material does come to use in a couple of ways; firstly it can be used to fill old pillowcases that can make for unique and comfortable bedding for everyone. Secondly, plastic bags can be used for providing cushioning to fragile and expensive items and lastly they can be used as an alternative for gloves for the purpose of cleaning, painting etc. Therefore, you MUST NEVER DISPOSE OFF PLASTIC until absolutely mandatory.

Yes, it does seem almost impossible to survive without making use of plastic but at the end of the day, there are tons of options that are available in the market that can easily replace plastic in our lives. Therefore, opt for compostable products that are easy to use as well as easy to throw. And as the saying goes, everyone must; REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

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